History of the Maui Channel Swim

The Maui Channel Swim is the longest, open water relay swim race in the world dating to 1972. Ian Emberson, a Kauai resident, has done an outstanding job coordinating the race as chairperson for nearly 20 years. Ian is also a long-running participant in the Maui Channel Swim. The 9.5 mile channel swim starts at Club Lanai, a resort on the island of Lanai, and crosses the Au Au Channel to Black Rock at the Kaanapali Beach Resort on the island of Maui. This channel is clear, warm, beautiful, open water notorious for its swift currents.

The Maui Channel Swim is one of the most popular masters swimming events in the nation. Teams come from all over the mainland, as well as Australia, Japan, Taiwan to compete. California, Texas, New York, Hawaii, Washington, and many other states are represented.